Baby Touch and Feel Baby Dinosaur

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An interactive touch and feel book that inspires hands on learning. Tactile elements on cute baby dinosaurs will encourage motor skill development and early learning.

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Slimy scales or fluffy feathers? Every page of this adorable touch and feel book has a special dino-texture or an eye-catching shiny area designed to inspire curiosity in small children.

This children's dinosaur book has 14 sturdy pages packed full of baby dinosaurs doing what they do best - hatching, hiding, playing, and sleeping! Each page of this baby book has one bright, colourful image with tactile elements that will inspire your child to touch and explore.

The easy to follow pages include a short description about what their new dinosaur friends are doing, and how to pronounce their big names. They will learn how to differentiate the different textures of each dinosaur. From what the long-necked Diplodocus is having for lunch and the feel its leathery skin, to the T. Rex's twinkly teeth, and the bumpy plates of the baby Stegosaurus.

The padded book is just the right size for little hands so that your child can enjoy turning each page themselves. The short sentences are perfect for building language skills. Stimulating multiple senses, through touch and reading, encourages early motor skill development for kids 0-5 years old.

Touch and Learn

Your little one can delve into the wonderful world of dinosaurs with Baby Touch and Feel: Baby Dinosaurs. This fun and engaging board book makes reading time fun and educational and is the perfect first book for pre-schoolers.

Packed full of tactile dinosaur elements from bumpy scales, pointy horns and sparkly teeth, this educational book will engage small children and stimulate early childhood development. This dinosaur book, with its super sparkly jacket, also makes for an ideal baby gift.

This adorable baby book includes:


- Different dinosaur textures from twinkly teeth to pointy horns
- Easy to read text to encourage vocabulary building
- A handy pronunciation guide for the dinosaurs in the book

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Počet strán: 14
Vazba: leporelo s hmatovými prvky
Doporučený věk: 10m+

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