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A Tale of Two Cities
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The classic story by Charles Dickens retold for children ready to tackle longer and more complex stories.

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Aladdin - Level 3
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Aladdin is a poor boy who lives with his mother. What happens when he meets a magician and finds a magical lamp? Based on the traditional Arabian folk tale.

Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great
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From the series that brings to life the fascinating lives of famous historical figures Lively speech, gentle humour and full-colour illustrations bring the reader closer to the...

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A classic folktale retold with easy-reading text for children who have just started reading alone.   

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Trucks lift things and move them about all day long. Find out all about diggers, bulldozers, tractors and other big machines.

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Billy and his family are off to the seaside.

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Billy’s Mini Monsters really want to go to school with him. But Billy really doesn’t want them to.

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This book is about sweet shops, school days and summer holidays! It is the story of the famous writer Roald Dahl when he was a boy. These tales are exciting, funny and sometimes...

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There are lots of cars. Some are big, some are small, some are old, some are fast! Which cars do you like?

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In the land of pharaohs and pyramids, Cleopatra is a princess with an uncertain future. When her own brother tries to kill her, she realizes she can't trust anyone. A vivid...

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Sbírka 20 pohádek oblíbené dvojice Poppy a Sam z prostředí farmy jsou vhodné už i pro nejmenší angličtináře :)

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Emergency Rescue
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DK Reads Emergency is part of DK's three-level reading scheme to get kids reading and learn how to read at home. At the "Starting to Read Alone" level, DK Reads...

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