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Sbírka 20 pohádek oblíbené dvojice Poppy a Sam z prostředí farmy jsou vhodné už i pro nejmenší angličtináře :)

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The Snow Queen
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A retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tale about the wicked Snow Queen's attempt to kidnap a boy in the frozen north.   

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Sada 12ti pohádkových příběhu pro menší děti v angličtině.

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Princess Miranda is lonely and bored. Her busy mother gives her a precious golden ball to play with, and Miranda drops it into the palace pond. A helpful frog retrieves it - but...

usborne storybook reading library
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Usborne Storybook Reading Library 30 Books Collection Boxed Set (Level 1 Beginner Reader, Level 2 Developing Reader & Level 3 Confident Reader) With Free Online Audio

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A map, a ship and a crew of good men - or are they? Jim Hawkins and his friends are hoping to find pirate treasure, but the pirates have not forgotten their captain's hidden gold.

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The scarecrow would like brains, the tin man wants a heart and the lion wants to be brave, while Dorothy just wants to go home. Who can help them? The wonderful Wizard of Oz, of...

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When Pip meets strange, unhappy Miss Havisham and the beautiful Estella, he feels embarrassed because he's only a poor village boy. Then he hears some life-changing news.

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Shakespeare's most popular play is a story of magic and misunderstanding. Fairies and humans meet, fight and fall in love with all the wrong people in the forest one summer night.

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Gerda's friend Kay is missing. The Snow Queen has taken him to her ice palace, far away, and now brave Gerda must find him and bring him home.

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One day, Mole leaves his home for the wonderful world of the river. He meets the friendly Water Rat, kind Badger – and Toad, who loves fast cars a little too much.

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Cinderella is sitting in the kitchen and crying. Everyone else is dancing at the palace. Suddenly the kitchen is full of light and magic. Cinderella is going to the ball!

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