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9780241375587 cover
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Help little dinosaur fans spot all their favourite prehistoric friends! Meet mighty Tyrannosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Triceratops, and more...

9780241397282 cover
299 Kč –8 %
275 Kč / ks

100 carefully curated, useful things that will stimulate your baby or toddler's natural curiosity about the world around them...

9780241238936 cover
465 Kč –14 %
399 Kč / ks

Learn something about everything with 13 mind-blowing facts plus a little myth-buster about every topic under (and including) the Sun!

9780241325582 cover
249 Kč / ks

The perfect book for anyone who wants to learn Mandarin Chinese fast. Comes with a free downloadable audio app for Apple and Android phones, enabling learners to hear words...

9780241310496 cover
465 Kč –14 %
399 Kč / ks

This beautiful children's story treasury brings together 14 classic children's fairy tales and 17 well-known myths and legends from around the world in one magical collection.

9780241225264 cover
ABC Games
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189 Kč / ks

ABC Games helps children with pre-reading skills as they progress from recognising and identifying letters, to learning phonics, to understanding how letters form words.

9780241407004 cover
Amazing Shapes
Skladem (1 ks)
299 Kč / ks

Amazing Shapes brings this very important early learning topic to life with cute, bold illustrations, and lots of flaps to open.

9780241334393 cover
599 Kč –7 %
555 Kč / ks

Whether you love lions and butterflies to sharks or spiders, this animal encyclopedia with a twist has something for everyone!

9780241355657 cover
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Animal 123
Skladem (1 ks)
225 Kč / ks

An illustrated lift-the-flap baby book that helps preschoolers learn to count. 1 chameleon, 2 hippos, and 10... you'll have to lift the flap and see! Children and adults will...

9780241356074 cover
246 Kč –9 %
Animal ABC
Skladem (1 ks)
225 Kč / ks

A favourite in our house, my five-year-old loves the lift flaps, bold pictures and easy to read letters in Animal ABC by author and artist Jonny Lambert. It has actually helped...

9780241420263 cover
Animal Antics
Skladem (5 ks)
299 Kč / ks

Have you ever wondered how ants carry up to 50 times their body weight? Or why sloths move so slowly? Discover the answers to these questions and more as you laugh along at...

9780241446539 cover
469 Kč –7 %
435 Kč / ks

Blow the minds of your friends and family with your animal knowledge. This brilliant nature quiz book is suited for hours of family fun!

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