Barrington Stoke

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9781781125700 360x473
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A king hides a terrible secret under his crown … A marvellous dream inspires an epic journey … A clever girl outwits the king.

9781781128398 360x480
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Watch out, pirates! Better not stay … Molly Rogers is on her way!

9781781125755 360x505
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A tiger in the back garden! A bird-eating spider in the cupboard!

Skulduggery 01
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Ben arrives at pirate school ready and raring to learn all about how to be the best pirate he can be! 

9781781122457 360x481
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When a newly – qualified fairy loses the third wish of three she must deliver to a woodcutter, young Dickon finds it.

9781781126035 360x479
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When a tiny silver dragon is chased out of Patrick’s storybook by an equally tiny knight, all sorts of mayhem breaks loose.

9781781125748 360x478
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199 Kč / ks

Can Polly find Doris before the snake finds the guinea pigs?

9781781125915 360x480
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Gertrude is in despair until she comes across George the frog. But he is no ordinary frog – he’s a dancing frog set on saving her! 

9781781129593 360x549
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When Hugo and Ada travel to their friend Dorian’s planet for the holidays, Hugo is anxious about being accepted by Dorian’s powerful family. But when they arrive on Hydrox,...


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