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un pianeta a rischio la giungla
675 Kč / ks

The box contains a 220-piece puzzle and 32-page book that teach all about jungles and helps young readers understand the danger posed to this special ecosystem and why it’s...

nature princesses
Sassi Nature Princesses puzzle 60 pcs
Na objednání (dodání 2-3 týdny)
365 Kč / ks

A box embellished with glitter containing a 60-piece puzzle to discover the wonders of nature and its beautiful and mysterious princesses.    

what how why the earth
329 Kč / ks

An easy-to-to reference in a Q&A format that helps curious minds analyse information and develop creative ways of thinking.    

pull and learn the alphabet
329 Kč / ks

Learn the alphabet by playing with this fantastic pull-and-play book! Read the letters, then pull the page and find the animals hidden underneath!  

cucu io conto
329 Kč / ks

Learn to count by opening the pages of this fantastic pull-and-lay book!

puzzle 2 numbers
Puzzle Numbers
Skladem (1 ks)
299 Kč / ks

Learn all about numbers with a book and a puzzle.              

puzzle 2 opposites
Puzzle Opposites
Skladem (2 ks)
299 Kč / ks

Learn all about opposites with a book and a puzzle.        

puzzle 2 shapes
Puzzle Shapes
Na objednání (dodání 2-3 týdny)
299 Kč / ks

Learn all about shapes with these two-piece puzzles.    

crocodile on a bicycle
369 Kč –5 %
Crocodile on a Bicycle
Skladem (1 ks)
349 Kč / ks

A charming story that deals with one of the most common fears of little readers: fear of the dark.      

cuore di papa
369 Kč –5 %
A Father's Heart
Skladem (1 ks)
349 Kč / ks

A tribute to the love of fathers and children, strong enough to withstand any storm.        

a mother s heart
369 Kč –5 %
A Mother's Heart
Na objednání (dodání 2-3 týdny)
349 Kč / ks

 A sweet story of love and a family’s warm embrace.    

in the savannah
450 Kč –3 %
In the Savannah
Skladem (1 ks)
435 Kč / ks

Read the adorable stories and listen to the ten enchanting nature sounds as you advance through this magical tale.    

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