The Midnight Swan

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The Midnight Swan
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The final book in the award-winning Clockwork Crow trilogy, perfect for fans of fairytale and folklore

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I'd encourage readers to start with the Clockwork Crow, the first in this trilogy, as the story does launch straight in and it is difficult at first to establish who is who. However, once sorted, the reader is quickly able to empathise with Seren, Tomas and the Crow.

It is a very visual book, imaginative and with a touch of humour. The images are very strong and play on all the senses, whether it is the visual description of the box, or the atmosphere of the fair. There is a touch of Harry Potter in some of the chapters, the dark street leading off the fair has a touch of Diagon alley and certain other magical touches thread their way through the story. I think this link will certainly appeal to the many lovers of J K Rowling.

The story flows so beautifully. The little poetic lines at the start of each chapter and the smattering of stars adding to the atmosphere and air of mystery.

There are some solid messages running through the book, loyalty, overcoming adversity, friendship and hope. Good overcomes evil, is a popular theme, but what was particularly memorable was the fact that even the baddies had a heart. The black swan, for example, once happy and content in herself, became softer and kinder. These are all good themes to discuss with children or messages to remember from reading the book. 

A beautifully told tale and a trilogy of books that should definitely be on every bookshelf.

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Kategorie: Anglické
Autor: Catherine Fisher
Doporučený věk: 11+
Vazba: měkká
Počet strán: 252
Žáner: Dobrodružný/Fantasy

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